Full Structural Surveys

A Full Structural Survey identifies and provides a statement of the current structural condition of the property along with recommendations of remedial works and associated likely costs.

Our engineer will carry out a visual non-disruptive survey of the property. We will inspect and report on the structural condition and adequacy of all the readily accessible load-bearing elements of the property.

Internally, the survey will typically include the roof structure, basement, floors, walls, lintels, mullions and beams. Externally, our Structural Engineer will also survey the roof, walls, garages, outbuildings and the surrounding area to the property.

Should any areas of the property require to be opened up to allow for a more detailed inspection of the hidden structure, tradesmen costs will be added to the quotation to cover this work and will include reinstatement of these areas on completion of the survey.

The final report will detail the structural condition and adequacy of all load-bearing elements within the property. It will identify any structural problems or concerns and will recommend what needs to be done to rectify the problem or what further investigations may be necessary.

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